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Terms & conditions


Affari s.r.o.

IČO: 48044440

VAT: SK2120002544

Topoľová 14

Košice 04001


Login and registration

Login and registration is not mandatory for the use of the shopping portal Takes place solely in cases of repeated purchases on the portal, it is not necessary to fill in the contact information or when the delivery address etc.

Check-in is done by selecting the link check-in directly on the shopping portal Contains the fields that you must fill in truthfully. To log on by using the option to log on and to enter logon name using the e-mail address and password, which you have filled in the registration. We recommend that you keep your password secret, and from time to time to update it in the settings of your profile after logging in to the portal


The purchase takes place by selecting the item in the menu URL .portal by choosing the number of pieces, and then by filling out the contact information on the order form.


In  shopping portal is it possible to pay using payment gateways for goods and, therefore, it is possible to take advantage of all of the commonly available GoPay payment methods such as credit card payment, by transfer to the account of and under. Since the payment gateway collects all common payment methods from various banks GoPay.

Binding order

The order becomes binding at the time of her departure from the shopping portal permission and contact information when with the terms and conditions by ticking the selection before sending the order and with the obligation to make the payments.


The goods are delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time. In the case of the use of the shipping company, all commitments for the delivery of the goods covered by the transport company itself in perfect working order, which is responsible for the service. Shopping portal is not responsible for errors and delays caused by the shipping company or other unexpected circumstances such as. a State of emergency, natural disaster, an accident in the carriage of goods, etc.


Shall enter into force at the moment of signing a receipt delivery protocol, or the shipping company. the signature of the certificate in the case of cash on delivery. The client has the right to inspect the goods and, where applicable, shall report deficiencies to the supplier and, therefore, the portal

Warranty and returns

Warranty and returns the goods covered by a warranty according to the applicable legislation for electronic commerce in goods applicable to that country. The goods are properly packaged and delivered without damage. The goods are also covered by a warranty of 2 years according to the applicable legislation of the SLOVAK REPUBLIC for that item type. It is not possible to claim the goods in the event of excessive wear due to excessive wear and in case of damage caused by failure to follow washing / without softener and up to 30 degrees / . It is not possible to claim also the size, they are to go into all dimensions of the size table.

Eligibility complaint

In the case of a justified complaint it shall be the provision of a replacement product of equal or similar value, but not less than was originally purchased goods which are the subject of this complaint. The cost of transporting goods on the complaint by the buyer, as the method of delivery of the product is not intended. The goods must be delivered to the complaint together with proof of payment, e.g. invoice.


Logging into our online shopping portal you give your consent to the collection and processing of some of your personal information, information about your purchase and order. We use this data only for internal needs of the company, to identify the customer, improving cooperation Complaint etc. In any case they are not disclosed to third parties except listed exhaustively processors, which are shipping and delivery companies and so on.

Final provision:

Terms and conditions mentioned in this publication may change over time. Terms and Conditions come into force from the date of publication on or after that date by force in the actual content of the text. In business terms it is the date of publication and effective date. Client registration and use of services, notes that a given business conditions without delay and agrees that the decision made by himself, without coercion or the help of another person.

Protection of copyright works

A copyright work shall be considered also: Copying Graphics Tab web site with all its functional elements. It is prohibited to copy pictures of the goods that are genuine assets of the shopping portal In accordance with § 58 of the Copyright Act - 618/2003 Z.z. It means any distribution or reproduction of copyright works prohibited and will affect financial penalties of up to € 250,000.

The author, in which rights were infringed upon unlawfully or are in risk of tampering may seek mainly

a) determination of his authorship,

b) the prohibition of the threat of their rights, including the prohibition of repetition of such a threat, even against a person who was indirectly involved in an attack on the right,

c) prohibition of infringement of their rights, even against a person who was indirectly involved in the unauthorized interference with that right, including the prohibition of action under § 59 and 60,

d) provision of information about the origin of copies of works or reproductions of works of the manner and extent of its use and the services violating the copyright, including

1. Information on the owner, publisher, producer, distributor, supplier or seller of such copies of works or reproductions of the work or the service providers

2nd edition statement, produced, delivered, provided, accepted or ordered quantity or price of such copies of the work, reproductions of works or services,

e) the elimination of the consequences of infringement of the right at the expense of the person who unlawfully infringes or threatened infringement, and

1. The destruction of unlawfully manufactured copies or reproductions of works of art, it is withdrawn from circulation or other use or

2. The destruction of materials, instruments and devices according to § 59 and 60 used for the unauthorized interference or tampering threat, their withdrawal from circulation or other use,

f) compensation for damage under a special regulation, 9b)

g) unjust enrichment in the amount of twice the remuneration that is usual for obtaining a license under similar terms and conditions at the time of infringement of this right.

§ 283 copyright violations

Any person who unlawfully infringes into legally protected right to the work, artistic performance, phonogram or audiovisual recording, radio or television broadcasts, or database, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to two years.